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"genei is a company that excites me a lot. Their AI has the potential to offer massive productivity boosts in research and writing."

James MacFarlane
CEO, PM Connect

"I could totally see this startup playing the same role as a Grammarly: a helpful extension of workflows that optimizes the way people who write for a living, write."

Natasha Mascarenhas
Senior Editor, Tech Crunch

genei's file management system is as good as it gets. The ability to store and rapidly search across articles and notes has saved us hours of time.

Aleksandra Mirovic
COO, Prima
genei - AI-generated summaries for any article or research paper. | Product Hunt

Produce high quality notes and paragraphs with the click of a button.

Write notes 3x faster than you do now. Highlight text and our AI-powered note generation tools can summarise, paraphrase or expand text seamlessly into high quality content.

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Highlight, annotate and record information on articles more easily than ever.

97% of users say they are able to find information faster and recall knowledge more easily with genei's annotations.

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Never lose track of your ideas or thoughts.

Genei enables you to hyperlink ideas together between notes and resources. 95% of users say this helps them to work more productively.

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  • Import, view, summarise & analyse PDFs and webpages
  • Document management and file storage system
  • Full notepad & annotation capabilities 
  • In-built citation management and reference generator
  • Export functionality
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  • Everything in basic
  • 70% higher quality AI
  • Access to GPT3 - the world's most advanced language based AI
  • Multi-document summarisation, search, and question answering
  • Rephrasing and Paraphrasing functionality

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this software is a godsend
Really easy to use and works quickly! Helped me to finish planning and start writing much faster than before.
genei has helped to save my entire team time when researching articles and papers online.
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