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The ability to apply AI analysis across a variety of resources at once is game-changing. It means we don't need to read each document individually and instead can receive a ready-to-go, synthesised result.

Aleksandra Mirovic
COO, Prima

genei Pro's AI writing features help to ease writer's block and make our reporting more productive and efficient than ever before.

Bobby Lincoln
Co-founder, PeakMetrics

Genei Pro takes the platform to a whole new level. The multi-document summarisation feature means my team can present key finding from a wide range of articles instantly.

James MacFarlane
CEO, PM Connect
genei - AI-generated summaries for any article or research paper. | Product Hunt

Save hours of time with multi-document summarisation.

AI-powered summarisation and keyword extraction for any set of PDF or webpage. 98% of users say Genei pro saves them time by paraphrasing complex ideas and enabling them to find crucial information more quickly.

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Ask questions and receive key points instantly.

Ask questions and our AI will find answers from within or across multiple resources. 95% of users say they find greater insights from their research when using genei.

Produce higher quality writing, faster.

Use AI to beat writer's block by expanding, rephrasing, and summarising writing in your notepad

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Never miss important reading again.

Our chrome extension add-on means you can summarise webpages or save them for later reading as you browse.

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  • Import, view, summarise & analyse PDFs and webpages
  • Document management and file storage system
  • Full notepad & annotation capabilities 
  • In-built citation management and reference generator
  • Export functionality
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  • Everything in basic
  • 70% higher quality AI
  • Access to GPT3 - the world's most advanced language based AI
  • Multi-document summarisation, search, and question answering
  • Rephrasing and Paraphrasing functionality

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genei enables me to research, plan, and produce content much faster than before.
The main difference between genei and other AI content tools is its focus on research. I'm able to find useful sources and build out a plan so much more easily now.
genei's summaries mean I can find topic headings and plan my content with just a few clicks. Highly recommend!
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