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genei launches development partnership with Cambridge University Innovation in Medicine Research Group

Over the past year, medical research has taken on a new level of global significance. Covid-19 has seen an extraordinary amount of research published and piled pressure on governments, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies to find and implement solutions based on this research. It is with this in mind that genei announces its partnership with the Cambridge University Innovation in Medicine Research Group.

The partnership will see genei work with the group to produce a bespoke AI algorithm and feature-set optimised for use by doctors and medical researchers. “The aim”, explains genei’s co-founder, Jack Bowen, “is to form a close relationship with medics, in which they feel comfortable to suggest features and improvements they think will assist them in working through research more productively and effectively. By helping us build a platform to suit their needs, we hope the research group and the wider medical community can benefit from the improvements and adjustments in the technology.”

Whilst genei already offers an array of AI-powered features, including document summarisation, keyword extraction, and question answering, the company believes their technology can be optimised to assist even more strongly with evidence based medicine and literature reviews. The early stages of this process, in particular, which involves the filtration of a large number of research papers, is a process particularly suited to the ever-improving capabilities of AI. Another avenue of interest is in the generation of suggested reading lists, to assist with the discovery of related articles and papers.

For the research group, made up of Cambridge University doctors, medical students, and professors, such innovations are welcome. More and more is being asked of those in the medical professions, where pressures on time and the quality of care are mounting. The group has previously pioneered work on the use of technology in surgery and assisted with the development of digital resources for online medical learning.

For both genei and the Innovation in Medicine research group, the potential benefits of the partnership are huge. Improvements in the quality and efficiency of the research process not only benefits doctors and researchers, but carries a multiplier effect for society more broadly. With so much information being published on a daily basis, providing individuals with the right tools to read, understand and implement new findings represents an important goal for both the medical and technological sectors.

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