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How to Improve your Reading Speeds by up to 70%

What if you could read through information 70% faster without losing any vital information? Pareto's principle suggests it's possible. This article explains how to go about achieving it.

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How to Prepare for a Research Project

Whether you’re starting your first research project or your fifth, each project is unique and can be a lot to manage. From research proposals, project planning, data collection and report writing, there’s a lot to consider. In this article, we have five tips to help you prepare effectively for your upcoming research projects. 

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How to Overcome Procrastination

The need to delay and avoid completing tasks is what we know as procrastination. It’s a common issue that we all encounter at some point, because it's hard to take action in the moment when the rewards seem far away. In contrast, the tasks that are luring us in provide instant gratification. In this article, we’ll look at some tips for breaking out of the procrastination cycle.

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Marketing as Product: The Power of Imagined Solutions

A discussion on how marketer's in startups must align their desires for growth with a focus on product development. There are a number of strategies for doing this, and they will likely take the business in some interesting directions.

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How to Learn New Content

Do you know where to start when learning a new topic? Usually, we’re encouraged to develop our exam technique, revision skills and academic writing ability, but the first steps to knowledge building are overlooked. However, knowing how to learn can improve our ability to study efficiently and make revision or assignment preparation easier. In this article, we’ll look at how to approach new learning material for the first time.

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The marketer's first task

An analysis on the role of the marketer in the earliest stages of business development.

How to use genei

genei for academic writing

How to use genei for academic research, planning, writing, and organisation.

How to use genei

genei for professional writers

How to make the most of genei's many time saving benefits if you're someone who writes for a living.

How to use genei

genei for content producers

Here's how to use genei for producing content.

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The Best Method for Finding Research Papers

Do you struggle to find the relevant literature for your assignments or research projects? The search for academic sources works differently to the approach we might use when we search the Internet. In this article, we’ll learn how to search through academic databases effectively and identify the most relevant papers.

Language & Communication

Writing a blog: How to get started

‘Blog’ is an abbreviation of ‘weblog’, meaning blogs have been around no longer than the internet itself Blogs generally take one of two forms: a diary-entry style text, or an informational webpage This one is the latter! Read on to find out how to start writing your own

Academic guides

The Top 10 Digital Study Tools for Students

If you’re looking to improve your workflow and implement well-known study techniques using simple tools, then we have the perfect list for you. In this article, we’ll introduce some digital study tools that can help you to create an ideal study environment, better manage your time and focus, and make your note-taking and researching more efficient and flexible.

Health & The Brain

Common Student Stressors and How to Overcome them

Being a student is stressful. Some stressors are obvious, such as trying to study for exams or working towards deadlines. But research has shown that students encounter other stressors that might be less obvious, for example, personal habits and expectations. In this article, we’ll look at some common student stressors identified in research and some tips for overcoming them.

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A Guide to Transition from Undergraduate to Postgraduate Study

Postgraduate study can feel like new and unfamiliar territory, even having made it through your undergraduate studies. Research has identified that the transition from undergrad to postgrad can be as equally as disorienting as that from school to undergrad. So, if you’re feeling lost, and worrying about the expectations and demands that come with a new course - you’re not alone! In this guide, we’ll look at the common worries of postgrad students and how to address them.

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The importance of feedback and how to use it

Feedback is a key steppingstone to improving our grades and polishing off our assignments. But, where do we begin making sense of it? How can we actually use the feedback we receive to keep building and honing our academic skills? In this article, we’ll discuss how you can effectively use feedback to address your strengths and weaknesses.

Academic guides

How to paraphrase other people's writing effectively

Whilst writing up a piece of work, do you often find it difficult to put the source material into your own words? Although original thinking is an important part of marking rubrics, it is often reserved for the top grade, whereas the succinct, accurate, and convincing delivery of researched information comprises that which markers want to see most fundamentally. Paraphrasing is an essential tool for such a delivery, and mastering this skill will greatly improve your ability to communicate and summarise information in your own terms.

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How to keep good posture while you work

Are you a young adult who suffers with the aches and pains of a pensioner? Do you also spend lots of time at your desk, crouched over onto your keyboard, working for hours on end? Your body's welfare might be aggravated by your working posture. Do you pay much attention to how you carry yourself during working hours? Do you even know what to pay attention to? Fortunately for you, this article is full of great advice on how to keep good posture while you work.

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The best way to keep a Bibliography as you work

A bibliography is a collection of the sources used when preparing for an assignment. This includes those that were not referenced in text but still helped with idea formation. Although bibliographies are an essential part of our academic life, many of us fail to keep track. In the end, we rush to compile our bibliographies, and can fail to format our citations correctly when confronted with a long list of sources to organise. In this article, we have some tips for keeping track of those sources for your bibliography.

Health & The Brain

How Reading affects our Health

Everyone loves a good story, don’t they? Whether told by a friend, a screenwriter, or an author, the narrative is cherished by humanity for its capacity to teach and entertain. But what about beyond that? Research has discovered that reading affects us in more ways than the two mentioned, ways that contribute to physical and mental wellbeing. This article will explore how reading affects our health.

Technology & AI

Technologies that could change the world in 2030

In 2030, we might even see a near fully automated and sustainable agricultural sector. AIs might become capable of being effective under radical uncertainty. We could also see the development of invisible wearable technology that can monitor our health data seamlessly.

Health & The Brain

How to enjoy your Summer while remaining Productive

For all of us in the UK, it has been a long and arduous academic year. We have spent most of it confined to the walls of our homes, forced to work (as well as 'live') from the inside of our bedrooms. This has been an enormous challenge for us all. But now, with our past freedoms gradually being restored, we must re-adapt to life on the outside. For many this will be hugely exciting, and for some rather daunting, but with the academic year finally behind us, we should all look forward to reconnecting with people and enjoying ourselves.

How to use genei

AI-powered Note-Generation with genei

A quick walkthrough of how this feature works in genei. Generate original notes on any passage of text instantly with AI. Highlight over a chosen passage of text and with a single clikc, genei will provide a concise breakdown in a clear, note-like form.

Health & The Brain

How to Cope with Social Comparison as a Student

Social comparisons encourage us to self-evaluate our abilities against others'. This kind of self-assessment can occur when we compare ourselves to those who we perceive as superior or inferior, or in other words, when we make upward and downward social comparisons. In this article, we’ll discuss the consequences of social comparison and how to achieve a healthy balance.

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genei launches development partnership with Cambridge University Innovation in Medicine Research Group

Over the past year, medical research has taken on a new level of global significance. Covid-19 has seen an extraordinary amount of research published and piled pressure on governments, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies to find and implement solutions based on this research. It is with this in mind that genei announces its partnership with the Cambridge University Innovation in Medicine Research Group.

Technology & AI

How Problematic is the Environmental cost of Bitcoin

As the first decentralised cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was never going to be the perfect model. As with any prototype - for example, that of the first car or telephone - there will inevitably be imperfections which make the first of its kind less practical than what may come along in the future. That is a bit like what Bitcoin is facing at the moment.

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