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How to Protect Your Eyes and Further Boost Focus and Productivity

Working professionals today get a lot of mileage out of their eyeballs. Eyesight is used to read, write, and navigate through the online and offline world visually—yet all too often, eye care sinks low in the list of priorities. The results: HR News cites research that claims 77% of UK adults say that their eyes feel fatigued after work. The repercussions don’t stop at tiredness. Another study the organisation cited notes that 38% of their participants had symptoms of ocular surface disease, and yet another underlines that there are more eye problems now compared to 10 years ago. Aside from affecting your overall health, these problems can slow and damage your productivity. If you want to preserve and boost your efficiency and overall well-being, read on to learn how to best protect your eyes.

Minimise computer time

The quintessence of a knowledge worker’s profession is long hours in front of the computer. Yet a 2021 study warns that 90% of computer users who spend more than three hours a day in front of a screen suffer from computer vision syndrome. This phenomenon includes symptoms like headaches, blurred vision, and even double vision. You probably won’t be able to lessen your time to below three hours, but you can still try to minimise device usage by streamlining your work. Start by identifying key aspects of your workflow you can accelerate. For instance, writing industry reports is one vital task every company needs to see where they stand in relation to their competitors. You can speed up your write-up process by leveraging our summarisation and note-taking tool, genei. By using its features like AI-generated summaries, rapid compilation, and easy organisation and importation, you can increase your productivity and lessen your screen time.

Wear blue light glasses

Utilising gadgetry for long periods also exposes you to a lot of blue light, which has the highest energy of all light in the visible spectrum and comes second only to harmful UV light in the electromagnetic spectrum. This exposure tires our eyes out more quickly, makes it difficult to focus, and interrupts our natural sleep rhythms. It also exhausts us more overall. Counteract this by using blue light glasses when looking at a screen. This helps to soften the blue light’s brightness and improves colour recognition and depth perception, allowing your eyes to focus on the monitor better while reducing adverse effects on your sleeping pattern and eyes. Blue light glasses with KODAK UVBlue Lens can also protect against glare and UV light rays, allowing your eyes to stay comfortable outdoors in the harsh sun.

Keep hydrated

Many workers have experienced this: You’re typing away, intent on your job, when suddenly you’re startled by your eye blinking without willing it. This is likely myokymia—a common eye spasm that can affect your upper and lower lid. While usually benign, it can also break your concentration and distract you. Its causes include stress, tiredness, and dehydration. Try putting a large water bottle near your desk and sipping from it frequently to combat this. Caffeine can also exacerbate myokymia’s effects, so you might want to decrease your coffee and tea intake and replace it with water.

Use a heated eye mask

If you’re a contact lens-wearer, you can especially be prone to dry eye. Your cornea—the front part of your eye—attains oxygen directly from the air. Wearing contact lenses can block its capacity to take in that oxygen. This leads to dry, irritated eyes that won’t allow you to get work done anytime soon. A great way to soothe dry eyes is using a heated eye mask, like the Optase Moist HEAT Eye Mask. A 2022 study confirms this is a safe, non-invasive way to enhance your oil gland function and stabilise your tear film. Through its usage, you can relax your eyes and revitalise them for your next tasks.Your eyes are essential to your overall well-being and your career goals. Use these four methods to protect them and boost their capacity for productivity and focus.

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