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The Number One Biggest Drain on Students’ Time… and How to Solve it

No matter who you ask, almost everyone at university will agree that one of the most, if not the most, time-consuming aspects is all the reading and research. How many hours, evenings, and weekends, have been spent trawling through databases, through books, through chapters, articles & essays? It's a fact of life that all students face.

Now, for the most part, these aspects of studying are essential and inevitable. After all, how are you ever going to learn and improve in your subject if you’re not reading widely and in-depth? 

But, and there’s always a but, how much of the reading that we do is actually useful? Is actually meaningful or relevant for the article or essay we want to write? 

For myself and most people I knew, possibly the biggest challenge and probably the greatest drain on time whilst at university was actually finding the relevant information and research that I wanted to read. So often, I’d find myself spending days upon days reading through various documents only to finish up with very little to show for it. 

Time after time, I’d get to the end of a long essay, article, chapter, or even book, and realise that it really had very little to do with what I was looking for. 

Eventually, I’d find that morsel of information I was looking for, that reference, quote, stat, theory, or piece of analysis, but this all seemed like a very inefficient way of working. 

It’s like the famous Pareto Principle, a concept which argues that 80% of the result comes from only 20% of the effort. So often, the core of essays, arguments, or analysis stem from only a few essential sources and influences. And yet, we continue to read, and read, and read, often just to get to the end, and decide we need to read some more because we’re yet to find anything truly useful.

Some people may say this is an inevitable part of the research process  - and to some extent it is - but what if this whole process could be streamlined, and we could more accurately and reliably tell what makes up the contents of a document before we go into it in depth? 

Abstracts and introductions go some way, but so often even they seem to misrepresent what an article, essay, or report is really about, or what it really says. 

So, here’s the problem… but what’s the solution? 

And this is where genei comes in. Its a research tool that we started building as students to confront one of the biggest problems we faced as students, which was having to read through countless unrelated or irrelevant documents, just to find that snippet of info we needed.

Its a piece of software that uses artificial intelligence to summarise documents, to analyse and categorise keywords within documents, and cross-reference these keywords across various documents. 

What this means is:
a) Before reading any document, you can read through an extended page long abstract, that doesn’t simply supplement a document but is constructed directly from the contents of the document itself. 

b) You can search for keywords, phrases, names, or arguments within documents and the AI will also flag-related points both within and across other documents you upload to genei. 

The AI also enables users to ask questions that genei will intelligently answer. So instead of just searching in keywords, you can also ask questions of documents, to instantly find out if they have the information that you’re looking for. 

But what does this all mean? 

In essence, this offers the opportunity to let genei do the skimming process for you, to analyse and evaluate documents for relevance in less than 10 seconds. With the bundle of information genei offers, users can then make an informed decision as to how applicable an article is to their subject and area of research. 

Not only does this mean avoiding the hours spent on reading through irrelevant information, but it also means more time can be spent going into depth on the documents, articles, and essays that really do matter. Of course, there’s never a substitute for hardwork, but genei can help you to work smarter, and get to the important content much faster than before. 

We’re confident that this can transform the way students, academics, and researchers work, and cut out the biggest single drain on time that is involved in the study process. 

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