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AI-powered Note-Generation with genei

A quick walkthrough of how this feature works in genei. Generate original notes on any passage of text instantly with AI. Highlight over a chosen passage of text and with a single clikc, genei will provide a concise breakdown in a clear, note-like form.

You can use genei's AI to quickly generate concise notes of chosen passages with the click of a button as you read.

This is much faster and more effective than traditional note taking because:

1)  You never have to divert your eyes from the text

2) You never have to fiddle between your document and an external word processing or note taking app

3) Our AI will automatically condense text into a note-like form, removing unnecessary or excess information and therefore making your notes more concise and easier to read.

If this sound's like it might be of interest, here's how it works:

[click here to watch the video demo]

1) Highlight over a chosen passage of text

2) Make sure you have the 'Add to notes' option selected by clicking on the drop down option on the far right icon. Once this is toggled on you can leave it and will remain on this option automatically.

3) Click the far right icon and our AI will generate notes on the highlighted section in your notepad.

Hope that makes sense! If not, feel free to drop me an email at ilse@genei.io and I'll do my best to assist you ✌️

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