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How to paraphrase with genei

Genei can be used to paraphrase and rephrase writing from the documents you upload or from your own notes. Here's how it works:

Paraphrasing with Genei Summaries:

Genei's summarisation algorithm will condense passages of text from the documents you upload into a concise set of paragraphs and bullet points. Where possible, multiple sentences will be combined together for added breadth and conciseness.

Genei's multi-document summarisation (Pro plan only) will also seek to paraphrase sections of the documents uploaded to your project based on the contents of your search term. References are included in the result so you can always understand the context from which the information has been derived.

Paraphrasing in the notepad:

You can use Genei's 'rephrase', 'paraphrase', and 'summarise' buttons to alter text in your notes with AI. Simply highlight over a chosen passage of text, hit one of the buttons at the bottom of your notepad , and Genei's AI will set to work on your writing. Summarise will condense the passage, leaving only the most important information, whilst rephrase and paraphrase will put your writing in new words, which is perfect for getting the creative juices flowing.

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