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Here's how to use genei for producing content.

Genei helps improve productivity and reduce the time spent researching, planning and producing content.

Be it a blog article, a podcast, a video, or anything that requires you to search for information online and structure that information in a way you can present as a piece of content, genei can prove a vital tool.

So, how can you use genei to help you produce content?

  1. genei enables you find useful information sources for your content, or upload your own webpages and PDFs. All of these documents can be stored in projects and folders to ensure your work remains organised and neatly managed.

To create a project, click on the 'New Project' icon in the bottom left hand corner of the genei dashboard.

You can then title your project.

If you want to create any folders within your project, you can do so by hovering over the project in the left hand navigation bar and clicking the '+' button. You can then enter the folder by clicking on it in the project view.

To upload documents to a project or folder click on the '+' page in the project view.

If you already have a set of articles you want to focus on, you can upload them by copying and pasting in a specific webpage URL or dragging and dropping in a PDF file.

If you don't have a pre-determined set of articles you want to research in more details, no worries. You can search in keywords or topics and genei will scrape a variety of databases in order to find the highest domain authority and highest quality articles.

Searching for documents by keyword and topic

You can then add these webpages and documents into your genei project for analysis with just the click of a button.

  1. Once you've uploaded or found the documents relevant to your topic area, you can use genei's AI to extract key information from the articles instantly.

Simply click on the chosen article and then click on the overview button in the top right hand corner.

Here you will find:

  • An AI generated summary
  • An extract of the document's contents
  • The most frequently occurring keywords in the document
  • Graphs, figures, tables, and images included within the document
  • All references or links included within the document (these can be opened or added to your project for even further research possibilities)
The overview tab is shown on the right hand side

Combining this information gives you a concise overview of the contents of the document. Furthermore, all the points are hyperlinked to where the information comes from within the document, so you can easily read around on a specific section in more detail.

We've found the overview section helps users to get through documents up to 70% faster..

  1. Now it's time to turn this information into a plan for your finished piece content

Fortunately, genei includes a number of note taking shortcuts to get information from your documents into your notepad faster.

If you click the 'add to notes' icon by any of the summary or keyword points, they will be automatically added into your notepad and the text will be linked to the document so you can see where it was sourced or read around in more detail with the click of a button.

Add to notes shortcut from a summary

Add to notes shortcut from keywords

By working through the overviews in each of your documents, you can very quickly add a large amount of useful information into your notepad.

Overall, 94% of users say genei saves them time when working through documents.

if you want to read any of the documents in more detail, there are also a number of other add to notes shorctuts. For example, by highlighting over a chosen passage of text with your mouse, you can 'click add to notes'. You can also choose to summarise the section before adding, to paraphrase the chosen passage in a more concise, original, and note-like format.

Once you've got all the information that might be useful to you in your notepad, you can structure it in a more useful way for your finished piece of content.

You can easily make headings in the notepad to demarcate sections of your work.

Furthermore, all of the text in genei's notepad is formed as blocks, which means you can easily drag sentences and paragraphs around and place them into an order that suits your content structure.

  1. Once you've restructured the information in your notepad into a useful order, you can use genei's advanced AI features (powered by GPT3) to help begin fleshing out your finished piece of writing or script or other type of content.

By highlighting over a chosen passage of text in your notepad, you can choose to 'expand', 'rephrase', or 'summarise' the section.

Expand will develop a short extract of writing into a more developed piece of prose. This can be exceptionally useful for overcoming writers block and for getting the creative juices flowing if you're looking for more words and ideas.

Rephrase will transform a piece of writing into a different style. This can be useful if you've copied a lot of text from a document and you're looking to quickly put it into your own words. It also provides value if you're looking to speak in a certain tone or voice.

Summarise uses our AI to paraphrase your own writing - perfect if you're looking to condense work to meet a word limit or just add some more conciseness to your work.

These AI powered features can help you to write more productively and with more creative potential.

They're part of the reason that 95% of users say genei helps to save them time when researching, writing, and producing content.

Here's a video demo if you'd like another overview:

Otherwise, we encourage you to login to genei and find out about all the platform's time saving benefits for yourself :)

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