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How does Genei work?

An explanation of how Genei works and what it has to offer.

Genei uses state-of-the-art AI to help users save time on reading and research.

Genei's AI draws upon the latest advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. This involves extracting text from uploaded documents, deriving meaning from sentences and paragraphs, and producing text based on the information uploaded.

In particular, Genei can summarise documents, extract keywords, group together graphs, figures, and tables, and much more.

Here's a breakdown of the key features Genei offers:


Genei automatically breaks down documents into individual sections and key bullet points. All of these bullet points are hyperlinked so if you click on them you will be taken to where in the document the information appears. You can also add any of the bullet points to your notes with 1 click.

Genei's summaries can be computed using a variety of different algorithms, depending on the amount of detail and complexity you would like. Summaries can also be edited to suit your own preferences and our algorithm is able to learn from these changes.

With our Pro plan, you can also perform multi-document summarisation. By entering a keyword or topic you're interested in, you can receive a paragraph filled with key information and references attached.

Find out more about Genei's single document and multi-document summarisation.


Genei extracts top keywords from an uploaded document and ranks them according to an AI generated score of relevance or by how frequently they occur.

Keywords can be clicked on to see where they appear within a document or added to notes instantly.

Learn more about Genei's keywords in this video.

Search & Question Mode

You can search within and across documents and ask questions about their contents using Genei's various search and question modes.

Rather than working through each document individually, you can search on the level of projects, meaning faster results and a more productive discovery experience.

Check out our videos on Genei's search and question mode to learn more.


In Genei, you can take notes and use AI to augment your writing experience.

As well as all the note-taking functionality you would expect, we have incorporated a number of note-taking shortcuts, which enable you to add-to-notes from summaries, keywords, or directly from your documents with one click. These notes can be full length or automatically transformed into bullet points for a more concise and direct note-taking experience.

You can link notes to passages of your documents, enabling you to build out your knowledge base and maintain context for any of the ideas in your notepad.

Our Pro plan also offers you the ability to paraphrase, rephrase, and summarise your notes. Using AI, you can get the creative juices flowing, beat writers' block, and move towards a finished piece of writing faster than ever before.

Much more...

In addition, Genei also functions as a citation manager and reference generator; it enables you to find related reading; store documents and files; and much more. You can check out Genei's full array of functionality in this quick video.

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genei is an AI-powered research tool built to help make the work and research process more efficient.

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