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How to manage your projects in genei

A quick walkthrough describing how to create projects, add resources, and generate subfolders in genei.

How to manage your projects in genei
Ilse Henderson

April 8, 2021

Creating a Project

Step 1. To get started, hit the '+' button and launch a New Project in the left-hand nav bar

Step 2. Enter the title

Step 4. Then hit 'enter'

Click here to watch the tutorial

Adding Resources

PDF / weblink files:

Step 1. Enter your project by clicking on its tab in the left-hand nav bar.

Step 2. Once within the project, add a resource by clicking on the '+' next to the title.

Step 3. Drag and drop a PDF into the rectangular box on the right, paste a web-link, or upload a PDF from your computer file.

Step 4. Press 'Done' to return to the Project homepage.

Subfolders (new feature!)

You asked, and we delivered. Introducing a new feature to genei - Subfolders!

Step 1. open the left-hand panel, so you can see your existing projects

Step 2. Hover over the folder title and click the '+' that appears.

Step 3. You will have the option of adding a Resource or adding a Subfolder. Click on the folder option.

Step 4. Choose a title for your Subfolder - making your organisation easier.

Step 5. Within the project, see below for how it will appear

And that's that. You can create an account and add your own projects and resources, by following this link.

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