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5 AI-Powered Tools for Paraphrasing with Ease

Paraphrasing is a powerful writing technique for sharing the ideas of another. To paraphrase effectively and tailor content to your audience, you need to make changes to the wording, sentence structure, phrasing and tone of the original piece. This can be a tedious process if you’re short on time or tackling a mountain of material. But digital writing and research tools powered by AI can help! Read on to find out more.


Writefull is the AI-based proofreading tool for students, researchers and academics across all disciplines. The language models that power Writefull have been trained using published research from a wide range of journals. In Writefull, you can use the ‘Paraphrasing’ widget to paraphrase sentences across three different levels. You can choose from low, medium and high level rewrites, allowing you to tailor paraphrasing to your needs. 

Low level changes would be single word replacements, medium level rewrites target word and phrase changes, while high level rewrites tackle changes on a phrase and syntactic level. This is one of many brilliant features offered by their proofreading tool tailored to academic writing. You can now also experience Writefull’s powerful paraphrasing feature as a stand-alone widget, check it out here


Genei is an AI-powered summarisation tool for research and note-taking. In genei, you can manage reading material for a wide variety of writing projects. You can seamlessly build a collection of reading notes within the genei notepad, simply add the AI-generated summaries to the notepad with one click or type up your thoughts as you read. In the pro version, you can now use genei’s GPT-3 powered writing tools to paraphrase the content in your notepad! This makes the process of transitioning from researching to writing simple and easy. You can tackle writer blocks as you research and be sure that you’re avoiding plagiarism from the start. 

Jasper (previously Jarvis) 

Jasper is an AI-writing assistant, developed to help you tackle writer's block and produce original content that is SEO approved. Like genei pro’s writing tools, Jasper is powered by the clever GPT-3 technology. In this web-based writing tool, you can have your input rephrased into original content, ensuring you’re not risking plagiarism. Jasper can tailor paraphrased writing to a range of content formats from blog posts and product descriptions to social media captions and website copy. This is the perfect tool for marketers, content creators, and copywriters. You can pair tools like Jasper with genei to supercharge content production, making both the process of researching, note-taking and writing more efficient. 

QuillBot Paraphraser

QuillBot is a writing tool that uses AI to paraphrase both short and long form content. You can pair this tool with Word, Google Docs and Chrome for a seamless writing experience. QuillBot’s paraphraser has a variety of modes to tailor paraphrased content to your needs. You can have content paraphrased into several tones, such as simple, creative or formal or, choose whether you would like to expand or shorten the paraphrased text. Once generated, you can continue to tailor the paraphrased content, adjusting the amount of synonym changes you want, and clicking on synonyms to choose better alternatives. 


WordTune is an AI-powered writing companion for producing clear and authentic content. This tool makes use of learning models to guide your writing experience, and rewrite content as you need it. WordTune can rewrite content in a formal or casual tone, and expand or shorten sentences. This tool provides you with a variety of fresh, AI-powered paraphrases to choose from that have word, sentence or phrasing changes. You can use WordTune to write social media captions, blog posts, emails, Whatsapp messages and more. Check out the power and flexibility of WordTune for yourself on their interactive landing page

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