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The 6 Best Tools for Content Creators

Are you looking to improve your content creation system? Whether you’re struggling to come up with fresh content ideas or stick to a solid writing routine, our list has something for you. In this article, we’ll share some digital tools for curating interesting content ideas and improving your writing workflow. 

Tools for Generating Content Ideas


On social media, we’re consuming new content and inspiration daily. However, when it comes to creating our own content, those ideas seem to be forgotten or abandoned in our bookmarks. Dewey is a chrome extension that allows you to search through, organise and share your Twitter bookmarks. You can build categories relevant to your content pillars and always have inspiration ready. 


Similarly, if you’re lacking the content you need on your Twitter feed, this tool brings the top threads to you. You can select a stack of curated threads using various categories. If you’re looking to use social media less but still want access to valuable content, this is the perfect tool. You can focus on creating your own content while staying up to date with popular threads. 

Read Something Great

Naturally, we’re missing out on quality content across the internet. Especially those articles that were published years ago or fall outside of our interests. This website curates a list of 5 articles for you to read daily, across a range of topics and reading lengths. As a content creator, this can bring about fresh ideas that you might miss with your tailored social media algorithms. Again, such a tool can limit the amount of time spent surfing the web for interesting reads by curating lists for you. 


Reading books can teach you to be a better writer, while learning new things and generating content ideas. Oku takes a minimal approach to creating a digital version of your bookshelf. You can organise your books into collections, share with the community using reviews, and keep track of your reading lists. Share your profile to keep others up to date on what you’re currently reading, alongside your curated book collections. This can provide a source of inspiration for other content creators!

Tools for Writing and Editing


Repurposing content is important for reaching new audiences and sharing your ideas in a bite sized way. Whether you’re curating a Twitter thread or writing copy for your Instagram carousel, genei can make the summarisation process quick and easy. Using AI-powered summarisation, your blog posts can be turned into key snippets that are simple to edit for social media posts. You can utilise genei to summarise the articles you read, allowing you to extract the best information and store for later use. Likewise, you can share the things you’ve learned in social media posts or newsletters without having to extract the key points manually.

Hemingway Editor

This classic tool can help improve the flow of your writing. It’s perfect for social media, where writing needs to be easy to read, concise and clear. You can quickly identify areas for improvement with Hemingway’s colour-coding system. Focus your content by shortening long sentences and making the switch from a passive to active voice. 

Zen Pen & OmmWriter

To write well and get in the zone, distraction free writing is a must. ZenPen offers a minimal and distraction free writing experience to help you focus on your craft. You can set a target word count and download your finished piece. This is a great and simple tool for meeting a specific writing goal. Alternatively, there’s OmmWriter, which provides a customisable experience with backgrounds, audio tracks and typing sounds.You can test it out for yourself here. It’s an immersive and satisfying experience that can help you get in the zone

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